1. The Black Mill

From the recording Alana & Leigh Cline

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1) The Black Mill

Black Mill/Crib of Perches/Dunrobin Castle (Reels)

The Black Mill is a tune Alana learned while studying music at York University. It can be found in The Skye Collection under the name Muileann Dubh, and is listed as being “very old”. Our friend Conor Cronin taught us Crib of Perches (Creel of Perches); a creel is a type of fisherman's basket used to carry perch. Dunrobin Castle is a tune we learned from the playing of Lunasa. Dunrobin Castle also has a ghost story attached to it. There are several versions, one of which is: as a castle in Scotland, it is the seat of the Earl of Sutherland. In the 17th century, the Earl's daughter fell in love with and decided she wanted to marry the stable boy. As a result, the Earl locked her in the tallest tower. While she was trying to escape, she fell to her death, and it is said she still haunts the tower today.