From the recording Alana & Leigh Cline

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7) Drowsy Maggie Variations

Drowsy Maggie/Drowsy Maggie/Glass of Beer/ Sleepy Maggie/Sleepy Maggie/Jenny's Chickens (Reels)
All of the tunes in this set are tunes from the same tune family. We start with the popular Irish version of Drowsy Maggie, and then move to the Donegal version of Drowsy Maggie, which Alana learned from fiddler Paul O'Shaughnessy. Glass of Beer is an Irish tune which is similar to the tune Sleepy Maggie. Sleepy Maggie is a Scottish version of Drowsy Maggie. The first version we play of Sleepy Maggie Alana learned from Sandy MacIntyre, and the second from the playing of Winston Fitzgerald. To finish off this set, we play Jenny's Chickens, an Irish tune that is very similar to Sleepy Maggie.